Hi, I am Fanny.

I work with souls that are ready for the tools to heal themselves. To detox their Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.


I will guide you home to your own heart & the wisdom of your womb. Your own truth. So that you can live your life from self LOVE, wild & free, connected with Mother Nature.



After many years of struggling with stress, self-destructive mindset, disconnected from my truth, people pleasing, body symptoms, spiritually bypassing & lots of anxiety, I decided to take full responsibility of my life and heal my body from the inside & out. Healing is an ongoing process, layers after layers, and I am deeply committed to my own healing path. Every breath I take.

Now I am guiding other women to heal themselves. With the same tools that I am using. To heal ourselves, we need to let go of all the things that are holding us back. We need to detox our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. And take action, to step into our highest potential. Let go of your mind & connect with the deep, inner wisdom that already exist in you. You have all the answers within, under all the layers that tells you otherwize.

Let´s detox yourself from all the fear, trauma & control. Set yourself wild & free. Connect with your own body, with your womb wisdom. Come home to your heart. And start to live your life from your true SELF. Authentic & Natural. Just the way you are.

This world needs you. The real wild you.


Love, Fanny

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